FMS Score Round 2: Improvement!

So a few months ago (in April) I wrote about an FMS screening that my trainer did for me. You can read all about it here.

For those of you who won’t click on it, here are the highlights of the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) program.  Their website, tells you all about how it works, but in summary and in their words:

“Put simply, the FMS is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness.

The FMS generates the Functional Movement Screen Score, which is used to target problems and track progress. This scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

Exercise professionals monitor the FMS score to track progress and to identify those exercises that will be most effective to restore proper movement and build strength in each individual.”

Basically – for each exercise/activity on the assessment, you can get a score of 1,2 or 3.  A three is the best you can get; meaning you performed the activity correctly and optimally.  A two means that you are proficient, but work is needed on technique.  A one means you need correction in that area.  If an exercise is done bilaterally, and one side is stronger than the other, you receive the lower of the 2 scores.

Last time I did this – we did 7 exercises for a total of a possible 21 points.  I received a 14.

This time, Danny adjusted it down to 3 exercises for a total of a possible 9 points.  I got a 7.  (Woot!)  If you score 1-3 then you need major correction, 4-6 needs some adjustment, 7-9 means you should only need to maintenance.

That being said, just because I ended up in the top category does not mean I only need to maintenance.  Danny and I know I have a few things to work on, and that’s ok.  He “prescribed” me some of the correction exercises to account for that.  He might have other opinions, but these are my takeaways:

1. My hips have gotten much stronger and much more open (though not perfect).

2. My calves, shins and ankles are still really tight.  I have been instructed to foam roll, use the stick, and roll on a tennis/golf ball often.

3. Because of my scoliosis, I have issues with bilateral equality.  Strengthening my core will help a lot.

4. Yoga has benefited me immensely.  I know that a lot of my strength and flexibility can be attributed to that.

5. The unilateral movements (single arm or leg) that Danny and I have been doing have helped a LOT.

6.  I’ve saved the best for last.  My number one focus has switched from just being active for activities sake to being SMART and do things RIGHT.  Form and correction is so much more important than its ever been.  Success is no longer defined by just getting out there and “getting it done,” but by doing it injury free.  Its always been my goal in running, but its spilling over more and more into all areas of my physical activity.  I’m so much more aware of how everything is intertwined.

Thanks for staying with me through that brain dump.  I am excited about the progress we’ve made (trust me, so much of this has been Danny’s doing) and I can’t wait to see how we continue to improve! This journey has been hard but so worth it!

Weekly Update – 8/18


Monday AM:  1.65 mile walk.  I woke up SO LATE for this workout.  Even getting that super low mileage in was rushing.  I think it was my body’s way of saying to rest and I didn’t listen!

Monday PM: Hatha yoga with Sue! Class was small this week.  We did a lot of shoulder work which felt great.


I’m still messed up on sleep from my fun weekend, which made me sleepy all day.

Danny night.

First Round (3x):

1. 15 kettle bell high pulls

2. 30 Jump squat rope slams

3. Farmer’s carry – 100 meters? (Two 20 lb kettle bells)

Second Round (2x): 

1. 10 hurdle steps (each side)

2. 10 stability ball roll-outs

***Only 5 reps for round 2


Wednesday AM:  I was supposed to get up and run, but that only happens if you remember to set your alarm! I overslept and missed a morning workout for the first time in 3 weeks!

Wednesday PM: Vinyasa yoga with Sue.  Class was pretty fast paced but good.  I am starting to feel much stronger.  My planks and chaturangas are much stronger. I’ve noticed my arms getting much stronger.


Oh.My.Goodness.  My left foot/heel hurt SO BAD in the morning.  Not just discomfort, but pretty decently strong pain.  I have been hesitant to call it an injury since the pain is so sporadic, but it seems to be a pretty consistent issue.  I’m wondering if yoga has anything to do with it.  While I think yoga is beneficial, I think the constant stretching of my arch and Achilles are taking a toll.

Danny night.  We did another FMS screening.  More about that later, but although we still have things to work on, he did say that there is some vast improvement in certain areas – so I’m encouraged by that.  We only had time after for a very quick workout.

1. 20 suitcase carry deadlift squat (Two 20 lbs kettle bells)

2. 10 single arm (each side) kneel to standing kettlebell press (10 lbs)

3. 20 single arm kettle bell swings (each side)

Next round was 10, 5, 10 reps.


Friday AM: Actually woke up to workout – still a little late though.  Only 2 mile walk.

Friday PM: Rest night. YAY.


FIT360 is a class that Danny heads up at my gym.  Even though I’m not a part of the class, I’m sort of an honorary member.  They led a nutritional panel and gave out some pretty awesome cookbooks.

Danny and I were supposed to workout together, but he had his wisdom teeth out and hadn’t bounced back yet.  I improvised and created my own workout.  In retrospect I should have made it much harder 🙂

1. 400 meter row (under 2 min)

2. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

3. 300 meter row (under 1:30 min)

4. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

5. 200 meter row (under 1 min)

6. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

7. 100 meter row (under :30 sec)

8. 15 single arm kettlebell swings each side (12 lbs)

9. 4 minutes on the ReACT trainer (front, side, back, side)

Michael and I went to the movies and saw “Let’s Be Cops,” which was pretty funny.  We also cooked dinner together, which is a rarity cause we are lazy!


Rest day.  Went to church and then participated in my first Fantasy Football draft.  I am certainly not as knowledgeable as the rest of the guys (and one girl) Michael and I are playing against…but I’m pretty proud of our team.

Fun Weekend in Chincoteague + Island Creamery

When I decided to take a vacation day on Friday, I thought I had a nice relaxing weekend in store.  Little did I know that my mom would call and we’d end up going camping in Chincoteague!

I woke up Friday morning and was able to get a bunch of laundry done and a good hour of yoga.  I got myself packed and cleaned up and went to see my mom.

After we dropped her car off at the shop, we went to get Michael’s birthday present. After that it was JoJacks time!  I texted Hollie since we’ve eaten there together before, and I found out that she had been there only 20 short minute earlier! I was so sad I missed her!

Displaying photo.JPG

Chicken Bacon Panini – OMG.

I had wanted to get some wedding planning stuff done with my vacation time so we headed to a florist to get some ideas for wedding stuff. After that we headed to the store that I got my wedding dress to look at bridesmaids dresses and get color swatches.

Finally, we got on the road to Chincoteague.  I don’t remember most of the (2.5 hr) drive as I was daydreaming about Island Creamery.  We pulled into the campground and met up with my mom’s sister (Helen) and my cousins Rachel and Brandon.  Brandon also brought his girlfriend, Kiley. We ate dinner then it was off to Island Creamery.  This ice cream place has won awards, ya’ll.

After spending forever trying to find parking, we joined the insanely long line that looked like this:

Displaying photo.JPG

This ice cream is SO worth the wait!

Displaying photo.JPG

That’s a 2-scoop waffle cone – Pony Tracks and Mint!

We hung around the campground for the rest of the night, sitting around the campfire…you know, typical camping stuff.

The next day we got up, made bacon and eggs and had some coffee.  We waited forever for the teenagers to get up and ready.  The cool thing about Chincoteague is that its a really small beach town with lots of touristy stuff to do.  We hit up a bunch of quaint little shops for a good portion of the morning and early afternoon.  We came back for a late lunch and played round after round of Bananagrams – of which I am the champion! Sometimes we get bored of playing regular words so we’ll play with names or verbs or other categories.

Mom and I got some Island Creamery pints and quarts to go of some of our favorite flavors and then got on the road.  I really love spending time with my mom.

So while the weekend was short and sweet – and I got pretty much zero rest, it was a good one 🙂

Weekly Update – 8/11


Monday AM:  Got up to run and was super sore.  Opted for a 2 mile walk.

Monday PM: Hatha yoga with Sue.  I was able to get a spot where I could see myself in the mirror.  I think it helped a lot with making sure my alignment was good.


Loved sleeping in! Danny night:

First Round (10-1):

1. Kettle bell swings (20 lbs)

2. Squat Jumps

(start with 10, then 9, 8, 7, etc)

Second Round (2x):

1. 3 minutes on the ReACT Trainer

2. 2 minutes jump rope

3. 1 minute stair runs with 14 lb medicine ball


Wed AM:  Getting up was really hard.  2 mile walk.  Rolled my foot on a tennis ball for awhile cause I was having heel pain again.

Wed PM:  Had a dream early Wednesday morning that I missed yoga which made me really upset. I made it to yoga but was upset anyway because Sue wasn’t teaching, and Jaye was.  I am not really a fan of her teaching style, which is why I usually opt not to take her classes.  This was supposed to be a vinyasa flow class….and I suppose it was, but it was ALL over the place.  And there were a lot of new people in there, and she was barely giving cues for anything (pet peeve). Sigh.


Danny time.  This workout felt pretty good.  Seriously love my trainer and the convos we have.

First Round (5 to 1):

1. Resistance Band squat and hold with double arm KB press (8 lb KBs)

2. Inchworm push-ups

Second Round (2x) 10 reps of each:

1. Kneeling to standing single arm KB press (8 lb) both sides

2. Plank position single arm dumb bell back row (10 lb) both sides

3. Resistance band hip opener each side


I treated myself to a day off of work.  Really, its because I have to use up my vacation time before November due to a massive work project.

Friday AM: Friday morning called for a run, but my body wasn’t having any of it.  Ended up doing an hour of yoga – self guided, no class for this girl!

Displaying photo.JPG

Yes, I know, yoga on carpet sucks.

Friday PM: Rest! Left for Chincoteague with the momma!


Complete rest day: Danny was not going to be available Saturday morning, which was actually kind of perfect, because mom and I decided to go up to Chincoteague at the spur of the moment.  More on that later 🙂


Rest day, sort of! Went to church and got a lot of errands done with Michael.  Ended up at my mom’s house for dinner, which was fantastic, as always.  So much for my “restful” weekend!

Winter Race in the cards again?

Look, I know its August.  I know that we haven’t even gotten into the fall racing season – but this girl is looking forward to CHRISTMAS.

About a few weeks ago, I got some news at work that made me sad.  We have a huge project that will take place over the first weekend in December.  That meant that I would not be able to do a Christmas themed 10-miler that I really wanted to do.  It would have been my first 10 miler.  However, I was a bit nervous about doing a 10 miler only 2 weeks after my goal half-marathon (so I was secretly relieved).

But the wind has changed direction, and there were some big changes!  The race is now a 5 miler and changed weekends!  It’ll be on December 20th in VA Beach.  In addition to changing it to a 5 miler, they have made it an evening race, starting at 4:30pm.

I have mixed feelings about this change.  I LOVE that I can do it now, but am unsure how I feel about an evening race, that’ll be a new one for me.  I am indifferent about the race distance changing.  A 5 miler is still a new race distance for me (though I’m no stranger to an 8k), but I was really looking forward to the 10 miler.

Anyways – the Surfin Santa is back in the cards for me!

Do you have a Christmas themed race you like to do? Have you ever had a major change to a race you wanted to do?  Has work ever kept you from doing a race?

Weekly Update – 8/4

Can you believe it is AUGUST already?  And here in VA, we have had unseasonably cool weather.


Monday Morning: Got up early for a 2.5 walk/run on the treadmill.

Monday Night: Hatha yoga with Sue. She made class much harder this week since last Monday was “easy.” Did a lot of hip openers again, which I love.  My hamstrings were rather tight which lent to some difficulty, but nothing too bad.


Woke up with some discomfort in my left heel.  I’m going to switch to running in my new shoes and see if that alleviates anything.  I think the shoes I’m wearing have bit the dust.

Danny night. Felt pretty good, super sweaty.  I suck at jump roping!

Three Rounds:

1. Elevated split squat kettle bell press (reverse grip) – 12 each side

2. Hamstring rope pull

3. Jump Rope for 3 minutes


Wednesday Morning:  2.25 miles walk/run on the treadmill.

Wednesday Night: Vinyasa yoga with Sue.  Class was pretty difficult.  I FINALLY got Half Moon and was able to hold it for at least 10 seconds!  It’s easier on one side than the other, but eventually I’ll even out.

Side Note: My right shoulder was abnormally sore from Tuesday’s workout and made doing anything where I put my hands behind my back nearly impossible.


Danny night.  My shoulder was really bothering me all day on Thursday, so we basically did a rehab day.  Danny diagnosed it as anterior deltoid soreness; mostly cause my shoulders are super tight due to my scoliosis.

Round One (2x):

1. Resistance Band pull forward (20 sec hold each side)

2. Resistance Band pull down (20 sec hold each side)

Round Two (2x):

1. 10 “power rangers” each side

2. 5 hip hinges

3. 1o resistance band side steps

4. 5 hip hinges

5. 10 resistance band side steps

My shoulder felt significantly better after that, but I suspect it might be a few days before it feels 100%.


Friday Morning: Walk 1.75 miles on the treadmill.

Friday Night:  Rest night, YAY.


Danny and I worked out in the outside area.  He had me working out with Nicole (another trainer).  We had to stick together and not move on to the next exercise until we were both done.  It was a pretty tough workout. Nicole is pretty hard to keep up with – she’s a machine!

1. 25 single arm resistance band press (each side)

2. Run 100 meters

3. 25 single arm dumb bell cleans (10 lbs) each side

4. Run 200 meters

5. 25 single arm suitcase dead lift with 20 lb kettle bell (each side)

6. Run 300 meters

7. 50 resistance band back rows

8. Run 100 meters

9. 50 goblet squats with 30 lb dumb bell

10. Run 200 meters

11. 50 kettle bell swings with 20 lb kettle bell

12. Run 300 meters


Rest day.  Got to go down to Elizabeth City to see Michael’s parents, which is always nice.  Got my grocery shopping done for the week then totally vegged out for the rest of the night.  I think I babied my shoulder on Saturday and my neck was bothering me a bit.  Danny is trying to kill me! 🙂

Types of Personal Trainers

My people watching at the gym is not limited to gym-goers, as I wrote about here. I also really love to watch trainers/class instructors and how they interact with their clients.  And because I’m totally biased and think my trainer is the best thing since sliced bread; I like to evaluate judge other trainers.  This is truly all in fun – all trainers are different and all clients are different.  All types serve their purpose for the need required.  They just amuse me 🙂

The Boxer

The Boxer uses boxing as his primary training method, no matter what the need of the client.  Sometimes he’s tall and Russian and reminds you of the Russian from Rocky.  Must be why he likes to box.

Crossfit Guy/Gal

The Crossfit Guy/Gal only uses Crossfit in their training.  They like to hoard the kettle bells. Their clients turn into Equipment Hoarders.  Crossfit Guy/Gal doesn’t last very long at a traditional gym.  They usually leave for a box that is better suited for their style.

The Dancer

The Dancer teaches Zumba classes at the gym.  She wears bright colored clothes and has a loud, extroverted personality.  The Dancer Trainer is much like the Dancer Gym-Goer and can be found dancing around the gym.

The Runner

The Runner likes to make their clients run.  Since they are tough-as-nails themselves, they expect the same out of their clients.  The Runner is also well rounded in other types of cross training.

Protein Man

The Protein Man recommends protein to all his clients.  Protein is always the answer.

The Rehaber

The Rehaber helps people with physical therapy when coming back from an injury or dealing with a chronic issue.  The Rehaber is often very gentle and encouraging.  While the Rehaber is such a necessary type, they don’t last long due to the nature of their clients and inability to drum up new business.

Chris Powell in Training

This trainer’s primary goal is to help people lose as much weight as possible.  He works his clients hard, and they work hard for him.  The Chris Powell in Training type can be combined with other trainer types.  Sometimes the Runner or the Good Guy/Gal.

The Good Guy/Gal

This trainer is an all around Good Guy or Good Gal.  Friendly, encouraging and just like the guy/girl next door.  This type of trainer is usually successful due to their good-natured manner, although they don’t typically put a whole lot of thought into individual programs for their clients.  They have a very cookie-cutter way of training. This type of trainer can be the type to become BFFs with all of their clients.  When they get together, they often turn into Socialites.  While they are the most pleasant of the bunch and establish great rapport with their clients, they don’t typically help their clients accomplish much.

Yoga Mom

The Yoga Mom is not like a soccer mom. The Yoga Mom is a yoga instructor who is sweet and loving.  All soft kittens and rainbows.  She’s like a mother figure and is loved by all.

The Dedicated One

Displaying photo.JPG

This is the only real picture in this post. Danny, hard at work!

The Dedicated One is the best trainer at the gym.  He’s the one who works extremely hard for his clients, but it often goes unnoticed.  He helps out other trainers.  He lives and breathes training.  Ok, so I’m biased, but seriously, this is the best kind of trainer.  I have the benefit of knowing a few trainers at my gym that fit in this category, but they are really a rare breed.  My trainer, Danny, is one of them.

What type of trainers have you encountered at your gym? Do you have a trainer (0r running coach)?

Crawlin Crab Training Check-In

I thought I’d check in and talk about how my training is going for the Crawlin Crab Half.  I’ve had to be careful to slowly get back into running since I haven’t been running at all.  Its hard to follow the 10% increase rule when you are starting at zero.

So to combat that, I’ve been doing run/walk intervals.  And when I’ve been doing that and my body cries uncle, I walk.  I have been doing run/walk intervals of 2:2.  This morning I ended up walking more than running because my shins weren’t having it.

Its really mentally tough when you know you can run more than you are doing, but you have to slowly build your mileage and the endurance in your legs.  My cardiovascular endurance is still there, thanks to my trainer, I just have to get my body to get re-used to the taxing effort of running.  C’mon legs, you remember how to run, I know you do. 

One really positive thing is that I’ve been able to get up early in the morning and run.  I am NOT a morning person, and getting up early is really difficult.  I’ve felt good about it though.  If I get the sleep that I need by going to bed early, its actually made me feel more energized, and I’m loving that.

The countdown on my phone is a constant reminder that we are about 2 months out and I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be at this point – and not much longer to get there.  I’m glad I have planned to walk/run the Crawlin Crab Half. That takes a load off my stress.

Anyway, nothing earth shattering, just wanted to write out what I was thinking about.

Is it hard for you to slowly build mileage after coming back from a running break? How is your training going?


Weekly Update – 7/28

This week is the week I started an actual training plan for my fall half marathons, albeit a little late.  Better late than never!


Monday Morning: Other than races, I don’t get up early and run.  But on Monday I got up early and got in 2.5 miles before work 🙂 I did intervals with running/walking (2 min: 2 min).  I haven’t been regularly running, so I need to be careful.

Monday Night: Yoga night! Class seemed to go by pretty fast.  Did a lot of standing balance poses.  My favorite by far is Standing Bow. Oh! And my instructor does this thing with people in the class she’s familiar with, that she comes and stands on your feet when we are resting after Baby Cobra.  She FINALLY stood on my feet! I’m officially “in!”


Danny night.

Round One (3x):

1. Kneeling posture with resistance band – single arm row, rotate up, press, reverse (10 each side)

2. Yoga pushups (10)

3. Plank position, bring opposite knee to opposite elbow (10 each side)

Round Two (2x):

1. Single arm suitcase carry deadlift with 20 lb kettle bell (10 each side)

2. 20 goblet hold jump squats

3. 30 walking lunges with 6 lb medicine ball overhead


Note: I’m SO sore from Tuesday’s workout! My poor glutes!

Wednesday Morning: Got up early for a 2 mile run.  Turned into a 2 mile walk because my left heel was bothering me.  I hate to say I suspect PF, so I’ve been rolling my foot on a tennis ball and trying to wear supportive shoes.  Train smart, ya’ll.

Wednesday Night: Yoga.  Sue thought Monday’s hatha class was way too easy so she made Wednesday’s vinyasa class really hard.  I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in class!  Breaking news: I was able to do Half Moon for about 2.5 seconds! I’ll take it.


Danny night.  Felt pretty good about my workout.  Not a lot of rest breaks for this girl!

Three Rounds of the following:

1. TRX ab rollout (10)

2. TRX tabletop row (10)

3. Single arm 20 lb kettle bell row (10 each side)

4. 2o lb kettle bell swings (10)

5. Single arm resistance band press (10 each side)

6. Resistance band pushups (10)

7. Kneeling overhead medicine ball wall slams (10 each side)


Friday Morning: I was supposed to get up and run 3.5 miles.  However, when I got up out of bed, my low back was killing me.  I opted for a short 1 mile walk on the treadmill (something is better than nothing!) After a week of this new workout schedule I’m pretty beat.

Friday Night:  Well deserved REST.


So, the schedule called for a 3 mile run and workout with Danny, but it was WEDDING time for my cousin Abby and her fiance husband Kyle.  Michael and I traveled to Richmond for the day 🙂

Displaying image.jpeg

Yeah, we are obnoxious, get over it 🙂


It was nice to go to church and not have any responsibilities (I’m on the worship team most Sundays). We went to lunch afterwards and then checked out some really nice suites at a hotel near our wedding venue. It’ll probably be where we end up blocking room for our guests and also staying there ourselves.

Creatures of the Gym

It’s been a trend among some of my blogging friends recently to write a blog about the “types” of people you see at the gym.  People watching is one of my favorite past-times, so I have plenty of blog fodder.  Keep in mind, these are some stereotypes based on my gym.  There is a very specific grouping of people there, so you might have completely different types at yours! This is all in fun – please don’t take offense!

The Grunter

This person is very vocal during his workouts.  Because he’s likely to have his headphones in, he doesn’t know that he’s grunting or hissing on his reps.  The Grunter often is guilty of dropping his weights.

The Stretcher

The Stretcher is typically a teenage girl.  She comes in and spends about 20 minutes on the stretching mat and does a few ab exercises, then leaves.

The Dancer

The Dancer typically dances around with her headphones in. Sometimes she dances/struts while she’s walking on the treadmill. Get it, girl!

The Singer

Like the Dancer, the Singer usually walks around with headphones in, sometimes singing out loud, sometimes just lip syncing.  Props to them for being so bold!

The Classmate

The Classmate only takes classes at the gym.  They are never there to workout on their own.  Sometimes the Classmate will do a group training session.  They frequently “save spots” for each other in crowded workout classes.

The Die-Hard

The Die-Hard is always there. You go to the gym at 7pm, he’s there.  ram, he’s there.  You go in the middle of your day on your day off, around 2:30pm, he’s there.  The Die-Hard is like the mailman….and the gym no matter what the weather!

The Socialite

The Socialite spends more time socializing than working out.  Sometimes they have the best of intentions, but always seem to run into someone they know. They are also the ones who will text 15 minutes of a 2o minute ab class.  They typically are dressed to impress!

The Spinners

The Spinners live in the spin room and take all the classes.  If there isn’t a class going on, you can find them on the spin bikes for an hour at a time, just pouring sweat!

The Couple

The Couple is never seen apart.  They take turns on machines.  The Man is often seen coaching the Woman.  Sometimes they look like they despise each other.

The Real Slim Shady

The Real Slim Shady wears several layers and usually a hood over his head to promote more sweating.  He is extremely intense; headphones blaring, and you can often see him nodding along with his music.

The Sweat-Flinger

The Sweat-Flinger has no concept of how much he sweats.  You don’t want to be within a two-treadmill radius of him.

The Equipment Hoarder

The Equipment Hoarder takes ALL the kettle-bells/free weights/medicine balls of a reasonable weight and hordes them in one area.  With machines, they drape a towel over it and walk away and say they are still using it. Sometimes the Hoarder is a trainer. When you approach them to ask for one, they say they are using it.  Because everyone can use 5 kettle-bells at one time.

The Box-Jumper

The Box-Jumper only does box jumps.  Sometimes he lines them up in a row and jumps over them, instead of on them.  He is lighter than air.

The Bro & His Wingman

The Bro & His Wingman are a lot like The Couple.  Except they insist on talking over their headphones and driving everyone around them crazy.  They coach each other and call each other derogatory names when they have trouble with a particular workout.  They constantly look around or speak loudly for all to hear for validation.  They usually have smelly feet.


Does about 2 reps of each exercise. Spends more time getting situated or setting up to do an exercise than actually doing it. Tries to seem casual about reaching up to do a single pull-up, then moves on to the next.

The Informer

The Informer likes to tell you when you are doing something wrong.  “That is the wrong mat,” or “Make sure you have a bend in your knees.” I haven’t decided if they secretly want to be trainers or they just like voicing their opinion.

The Predictable Planner

The Predictable Planner comes in two varieties.  The first are the people who are predictable in that they do the same workout EVERY time they come in.  5 miles on treadmill, abs.  The other type is those who have a “day” for working out muscle groups.  Oh, he’s doing legs, must be Tuesday!

What “types” of people do you have at your gym? Do you have any of the above?