Running Socks – Help!

Hey friends! I hate socks.  I think they are stupid and I only wear them because they keep my feet warm.  Ok, ok, they aren’t stupid, I just prefer to be barefoot 🙂

When I first started running (less than 5 miles at a time, simple cotton socks would do.  I wasn’t running enough to develop blisters or get chafing or anything.  I will still wear them on my short runs.

Good ol’ Keds.

But on my longer runs, I need better socks.  I got some cheap socks that were supposed to wick away moisture.  I’m not entirely convinced they work.  I have gotten in the habit of using Body Glide on my feet as my main defense against blisters.

One step up from cotton!

I broke my pinky toe a few years ago and it never healed properly.  Sometimes on long runs I’ve taken to taping my toes so that the pinky toenail doesn’t dig into the neighboring toe.

I wear compression sleeves on long runs.  I don’t prefer compression socks because I have narrow feet and big calves so the ratio is never right 🙂

Anways, fast forward to now, and I think it’s time to get serious about some good socks.  I spent good money on shoes, I don’t want to run that with bad socks. This is where you guys come in! Heeeeelp meeee!

What socks do you love and why? Do you wear different socks depending on the length of your run?

9 thoughts on “Running Socks – Help!

  1. I personally like injinji socks. They are toe socks but they keep blisters from between my toes and also moisture away. You cannot feel the actual toe part. Balega socks are a great running sock as well. (If you want some injinji’s let me know…I’d be more than happy to mail you some).

  2. I’ve recently been able to try a lot of different brands of socks on my runs and the one that surprised me the most was Injinji. I hate toe socks and can only put them on right before I run, but after I start running I can’t feel that I’m wearing them and no blisters!

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