Weekly Update – 7/15


Hatha yoga class with Sue.  I got a visual migraine on Monday morning, and I was really looking forward to class to relax me (I usually get migraines when stressed and/or really tired). Class is getting easier and easier, not having to take the modifications all the time.  I do take some modifications because of my scoliosis and how it affects my shoulder strength and mobility.  I tried Half Moon – my hips are so tight and my hip flexors are so weak, that this was nearly impossible!

Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can do this.


Danny night.  We did a lot of corrective exercises, I don’t really remember all of them to record them here.  We really focused on posture, engaging the correct muscles, and control.

We also talked about my racing schedule for the fall.  I appreciate all the advice you guys have given me and have shared it with him.  He feels like its achievable, but I’ve got to correct a lot of things first (make adjustments for scoliosis, strengthen my glutes, etc).


No workout.   This was a day to get wedding stuff done! We made the deposit on our venue and catering! We are officially official! Only 319 days to go….


Danny night, actually felt pretty good.

Warmup 2x:

1. 5 “I” raises with resistance band

2. 5 “Y” raises with resistance band

3. 5 “T” raises with resistance band

4. 5 “W” raises with resistance band

5. 10 bird dogs each side with resistance band

Workout 2x:

1. 30 rope alternating waves

2. 30 rope slams with a jump

3. 30 rope slams from hip to opposite shoulder

4. 15 squat side steps with resistance band on ankles

5. Hold :15 squat with resistance band on ankles

6. 15 backward lunges with arms over head in resistance band

7. Australian rows on the TRX until failure (did 15 the first round, 20 on the second)


Rest day!


Had a 2 hour nutritional panel with the Fit360 class at my gym.  Since my trainer (Danny) and Jeremy (he’s the trainer that fills in for Danny and tries to kill me) are pretty much the leaders of the class, they invited me to sit in.  It was pretty good – great reminder of things I already know.

Afterwards, Danny and I got to work – mostly a rehab type of day.

Three Rounds of the following (all on the Bosu ball):

1. Push up position, bring knee to chest and re-extend (10 each side)

2. Fire hydrants (5 each side)

3. Not sure of the name – like spiderman pushups but the knee went to the inside (10 each side)

4. Hold :30 plank

My brother (Jaryd) and his girlfriend (Laura) were in town so I got to see them.  My step mom is Greek and made tons of Greek food for us.  Somehow I forgot to snap some pics, but we had pastitsio, spanakopita, grape leaves, greek salad, and pita with garlic.  Jaryd and Laura made an orange cake for dessert! Yum!


Rest day! This was a serious rest day – being super lazy on the couch, watched some Netflix, you know the drill 🙂


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