Weekly Update – 7/7


Hatha yoga with Sue! I needed this, I’ve been struggling with being anxious lately.  Class was good except I got there late and had to sit in an awkward part of the room.  Boo. Balance was off when I was on my left leg, but right leg balancing felt fine.  She always gives us the option of wheel when we are in bridge.  Made an attempt, but not quite there yet – shoulders are still pretty tight.  I feel it coming soon!


Danny night. Two rounds:

1. 2 minute jump rope

2. 10 pistol squats (each side)

3.  20 resistance band rows

4. 10 split squats (each side)

5. 20 kneeling side bend/half moon (each side)


Vinyasa yoga night. This was a hard class that really challenged me a lot, but I loved it!  We did inversions again and I did this:

I”m sure mine didn’t look this pretty….


Danny night.  His first words were “I hope you brought your A game.”

1. 1600 m row under 8 min (8:28 for me – lost my momentum in the last 800)

2. 5 minutes on the ReACT trainer

3. Total of 50 m Farmer’s carry with a kettle bell (front, right arm, front, left arm)

4. TRX Circuit with my feet in the straps in plank position:

A. 15 seconds saw (rocking forward and backward)

B. 5 pushups

C. 15 second plank

D. 5 pushups

E. 15 seconds high knees

F.  5 pushups

Then I had to repeat #3 and #4.  Pretty tough workout! I’m fairly certain that if I got really proficient at rowing, I would have better cardio endurance for running.


Rest day!


Danny. Three rounds:

1. 10 thrusters with right arm
2. 10 push-ups to single arm row with right arm
3. 10 right arm cleans
4. 10 thrusters with left arm
5. 10 push-ups to single arm row with left arm
6. 10 left arms cleans
7. 10 ball slams
8. 10 wall balls
9. 10 oblique wall balls right side
10. 10 ball slams on right side
11. 10 oblique wall balls left side
12. 10 ball slams on left side

#1-5 were with a 10 lb dumb bell, #6-12 were with a 6 lb medicine ball.


Went for a 2-mile walk with Michael – showing him some of my running route.


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