Weekly Update – 6/30


Yoga night.  Sue led us through a nice hatha class.  We did a lot of balance poses and I was a little terrible at them.  I love how relaxed I feel after I leave class.


Danny night.  This workout pissed me off.  It was the first time I had to fail out on a workout in a long time.  The workout was supposed to me:

1. Row 800 meters under 4min

2. 30 squat jumps

3. 15 ab roll outs using TRX for support

4. Row 400 meters under 2 min

5. 20 squat jumps

6. 10 ab roll outs

7. Row 200 meters under 1 min

8. 10 squat jumps

9. 5 ab roll outs

I got all the way through #7, then had to quit before I got to the last two exercises.  I was lightheaded, heart rate was high and I was starting to get nauseous.  I very rarely get like that.  I have had some issues with being lightheaded and dizzy over the last few days – I’m chalking it up to sinus issues.  I hydrated like crazy when I got home and made sure to go to bed early.


Yoga….AGAIN!  YAY! I’m seriously loving yoga.  This is a Vinyasa class.  I actually almost prefer it to the Hatha class on Monday nights because we don’t seem to hold poses as long and there is more of a variety.  We also tried inversions.  We went from dolphin pose into a handstand (and by we, I mean everyone else).  I did try going from tabletop to walking my feet up the wall to a (wall supported) handstand.  I was pretty proud of that!

I had a great talk with Sue after – and thought about trying Friday’s much harder class 🙂


Danny night.  I was worried going into this workout because I was still having trouble with dizziness.  (I actually went to the doctor and I am on antibiotics for a sinus infection and I have fluid behind my ears which explains the dizziness) He had planned an easy recovery/stretching day which was perfect!

I don’t remember the details of what we did, but some shoulder/back stretches and some really nice, but tough hip openers.


Happy 4th of July! Also, Happy Hurricane Arthur day! The hurricane hit overnight (Thursday into Friday) and seemed to be a non-event for most of Hampton Roads. I decided against yoga for Friday AM because I wasn’t feeling well and needed to rest up.

Mom and I went to work on my closets and started to clear them out since I have about 3 years of junk in them.  We made them so much more efficient! All ready for Michael to move in after the wedding 🙂

Low key 4th of July for me, just cooked out with my mom and stepdad!


Danny.  I was feeling much better on Saturday, but we still took it relatively easy.

I spent 5 minutes on the ReACT trainer.

Three Rounds:

1. Burpee (without jump) to kettle bell high pull (15)

2. Resistance band press (20 each side)

3. Box step ups with 10 lb dumbbells (10 each side)


Nice rest day! Church in the AM, then got to spend some time poolside.


Were any of you affected by Hurricane Arthur? How was your 4th of July?



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