Running Partners

While I was training for the Shamrock Half Marathon, my stepmom was my training partner.  We pushed each other through some cold (for her) winter runs.  I absolutely love training in the winter.  She is a great running partner, and I’ll probably continue to run with her, but she lives about 20 minutes away.

Since I prefer to do my running in the AM (boo for early mornings!!!) during the hot summer months, that means I’d spend 40 minutes in the AM just DRIVING.  So I’m trying to find a running partner that lives closer to me.

I might have one! I just found out my friend Jessie has moved back in with her parents until her wedding next March (I think its March). She lives on my running route! I can’t believe it! Its so much easier to force yourself to get up and run when you have a partner waiting for you.

We haven’t committed to training together yet, but with the impending doom of my next half….I NEED to be running.   Hopefully I can convince her that I won’t slow her down too much!


Do you have a running partner?  How do you get motivated for early morning runs?


9 thoughts on “Running Partners

  1. I had tons of running partners when I was running more! Unfortunately now I feel like this comic because the only running I have done lately is run/walk :(. Hopefully in a few weeks I can get back with some of my running partners, though.

    I am definitely a morning runner girl. It gets super hot here so that’s the best time to go, plus I like getting showered and ready for the day and knowing my workout is done 🙂

    • I’m sure you’ll get back to running soon. Your body knows best and you are doing the right thing by resting!

      Its SO nice knowing you are done your workout! I’m so with you on that one!

  2. Hey!!! My husband and I train together and we run early mornings. We motivate each other to get up and get moving!! XOXO!! Have a wonderful weekend and 4th of July!! XOXO!

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