Weekly Update – 6/9

For the first time in awhile, I felt really good about my workouts this week!


I took a stress management class at work which further reinforced my need for yoga. I was super excited about heading to yoga….and then there was a different instructor there.

I was cautiously optimistic, but that optimism turned into a bit of frustration as she went at a MUCH faster pace than the normal teacher and gave little to no instruction on breath through the movements.  Also, she came around and corrected our postures by physically moving us.  I found that to be a little uncomfortable. (Is that just me?)


Danny night.

Round 1 (4x):

1. 15 deep squats with trap/shrug bar (65 lbs)

2. 10 (each side) kneeling oblique twists with resistance band

Round 2 (3x):

1. 10 Rollout crunches on exercise ball

2. 20 leg lifts with exercise ball


Added another yoga class to my schedule this week – we’ll see if I can stick with it.  This was a Vinyasa class, so it was a little faster and more strength intensive than the Monday night class I’ve been attending.  I love the instructor so I thought I’d give it a go! She even gave us the option of doing some inversions (which I politely declined).  Between Tuesday’s workout and Wednesday’s yoga, I was sore on Thursday!


Danny night. I stretched for a good 30 minutes before we worked out and it felt SO GOOD.  Traffic was horrible due to rain so he made it in a little late, which was OK with me because I was still sore from Tuesday!  So we had an abbreviated workout.

We did 4 rounds of the following:

1. 10 squat and press (each side) with 20 lb dumbbell

2. 10 push-up to back row (each side) with 7.5 dumbbell



Well deserved rest day! Got to spend some much needed time with the fiance 🙂


Danny was out of town on Saturday so I trained with Jeremy.  Jeremy has a similar training philosophy, but he’s so MEAN (not really mean, just really hard).  He teaches a group class before my session and it ran late, so we had about 15 minutes to do a workout that we should have had 30 minutes for (secretly I was cheering!)

We did this as many times as possible in 15 minutes.  (I think it was 3)

1. Run 200 meters

2. 10 (each side) side ball throws

3. 10 wall balls

4. 10 backward lunges (each side) with 10 lb weight above head

5. 10 squats with 10 lb weight above head

Then repeat….

THEN – exciting part of the weekend, I got to hang out with Hollie! We were friends in real life, not just blogging life.  We’ve come a long way from being on swim team in high school together to acting like grown-ups and planning weddings and all.


I’m really bad at leaning in…


Father’s Day! I had a week of from worship team at church…it was so nice just to go and not have any responsibility! Michael and I went to Fresh Market and then went to my dad’s to celebrate Father’s Day.  His parents came and joined us and it was a blast 🙂


How were your workouts this week?  Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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