Weekly Update – 6/2


Yoga night!  This was one of the first classes that it didn’t feel insanely difficult.  I guess that means I’m getting stronger and more used to the movement.  I’m finding myself
getting better at the balance movements we are doing, but I still have a lot of room for improvement regarding flexibility.  I can do standing bow without falling over now!


Danny night.  After missing 2 sessions last week.  I kind of missed him! He’s become more of a friend than a trainer.  Lord help me if he ever leaves the gym.

Then I got there and decided I hated him.  Lol.  We worked out in the outside area.  For anyone who knows me, I sweat.  A lot.  In air conditioning.  I  was a hot mess after a few minutes.

Round 1 (2x):

1. 20 deep squats with 20 lbs (exaggerated stance)

1. 10 turkish getups each side (8 lb kettlebell)

***I HATE Turkish getups.  Hate.****

Round 2 (2x):

1. 6 arm raises each side on exercise ball

2.  10 rollout on exercise ball


Church worship team practice for the first time in ages!


Danny night.  Normal warmup, plus ran/walked a mile on the treadmill before our workout.

Two rounds of the following:

1. 800 meter row

2. 25 kettlebell swings (25 lbs)

3. Walking lunges (forward and backward) with dumbbell press (10 lb dumbbells)

I know that sounds fairly simple, but it was pretty tough.  I need to get back on the rowing machine more…that kicked my butt!


Michael and I went for a 2.25 mile power walk before dinner!


I swear, Danny is trying to kill me by making me workout outside!

Round one:
1. 400 meter run
2. 60 second wall sit
3. 300 meter run
4. 45 second wall sit
5. 200 meter run
6. 30 second wall sit
7. 100 meter run
8. 15 second wall sit

Round Two (3x):
1. 10 side ball throws (each side)
2. 10 jump squats with ball

Round Three (2x):
10 single leg back row with 5 lb kettle-bells (each side)


Day of rest 🙂


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