Weekly Update – 5/26

This was a bad week for anything exercise related! I only did one workout.  SHAME ON ME. I’m very frustrated with myself.  I have no excuse but pure laziness. I’m getting back to it this week!


The gym closed at 5pm, so no yoga.  After the Memorial Day festivities, I was able to get a lot done around the house!


Danny night. Normal warm-up – hamstring walks, squats, walking lunges, wall sits, yoga push-ups.

Round 1 (x2):

1. 20 (each side) single arm bent over rows with 20 lb dumbbell

2. Up-down pushups for 60 seconds (Where you start in push up position then drop down to plank position, one arm at a time)

Round 2 (x2):

1. 15 (each side) single arm squat and press  with 15 lb dumbbell

2. Resistance band high row stretch for 30 seconds

Round 3 (x2):

1. 10 (each side) Single leg deadlift with medicine ball extension (6 lbs)

2. Wall Balls for 30 seconds (10 lbs?)



Spent some much needed time with my momma.  Got a lot of stuff done around the house too.  A lot of cleaning and straightening up that I’ve been neglecting.  I think I’m ready to purge some stuff.  I have too much STUFF.


Skipped my session with Danny because we were going to meet with the caterer for the wedding!  Everything went well and we are super excited!


Friday was a really long day at work.  I had all intentions of working out, but I had zero energy.   Its amazing how tired you get when mentally drained!


No Danny – he was out of town for a wedding. We had a picnic for work (Michael and I work at the same place).  It was a beautiful spring day and we got to get out to a local park and spend some time outside.  We then ran a ton of errands and got a lot done!


Church in the AM.  Michael officially became a member 🙂 I vegged out for a few hours then finally got around to yard work.  We aren’t even far into spring/summer and I’m already over yard work!

Do you ever have weeks that you just fail at working out just because of pure laziness?


6 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 5/26

  1. I’m so used to my routine that I rarely skip anything. I definitely can feel a difference from one week to another as far as my intensity goes. At least you got your yardwork done! I didn’t get to it this week (partly due to laziness)

    • I used to be like, but my life has changed so much I find myself craving routine! I did get my yard work done. I’ve learned that if I put it off too long, it becomes this huge insurmountable thing.

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