Weekly Update – 5/19


Yoga! We did a lot of work on hamstrings, which I desperately needed.  She even had us everyone else but me do the splits!  I wish I had started doing yoga years ago.  Please read this post by Angie at Maybe Marathoner. It’s everything I think about yoga and wish I was clever enough to write 🙂


Danny night.  I cancelled on him because I’m sick.  It was a good choice – my body desperately needed the rest.


Stayed home from work sick.  Didn’t work out because I wanted to rest up in hopes of working out on Thursday.  I also have this rule about skipping workouts when you don’t feel good: If you stay home from work, then you are truly sick and workouts are completely off the table! Pushing through a workout when you are really sick is not a good idea.


Danny night.  I begged him to take it easy on me since I was still a bit under the weather. Did my normal warm up of hamstring walks, squats, walking lunges, wall sits and yoga push-ups.

First Round (x3)

1. 15 (each side) single arm squat and press with 10 lb dumbbell

2. 10 bent over row, stand up, shrug with 20 lb barbell

Second Round (x2)

1. Kneeling resistance band rotation (10 each side) **Took me forever to figure out what this was called!

Kneeling Resistance Band Rotation

Kneeling Resistance Band Rotation

2. 10 single leg deadlift (10 lb dumbbell)



Rest day in anticipation of the Chickfila 5k on Saturday.


Chickfila 5k! I’ll do a write up for this race later!


Church in the morning, then went out to VA Beach with Michael for lunch and visiting some of his friends.  Overall, a nice relaxing day!


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