Back in Time: 2013 Crawlin Crab 5K

Confession: I didn’t train for this race.  And it showed.

The Crawlin Crab 5k is part of a race weekend that also has a half marathon event.  The expo and packet pickup were fantastic and well organized, just like any J&A Racing event.  This race was held at the Hampton Coliseum, so there was ample parking; which is always a plus. What is cool about this race is that the after party is inside – which is great for the iffy weather in Hampton Roads in October.

I parked, hung out in my car for awhile, then headed out among the masses.  I got in my corral and tried to prepare myself mentally.  It was a pretty warm day, and after my fiasco the previous month at Rock n Roll, I knew I wanted to stay hydrated.  We took off, and I knew instantly this was not going to be a good day. The race course was honestly pretty boring, which didn’t help the fact that I hadn’t trained and I was hot.  I walked a lot more than I should have.  I ended up with a time of 36:43…my worst 5k to date.

The after party was great, as always.  I think this goes down as my favorite post-race food to date.  This race also boasts my favorite race shirt ever.  It is my absolute favorite shirt to work out in.  Great job, J&A!

crawlin crab


I love this race so much I’m doing the Shell Yeah challenge this year – I’m doing the 5k and Half-Marathon.  This is my next goal race and I can’t wait!

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