Falling back in Love with Running


How I feel during a break from running….when I think I’m ready to jump back in.

After my half-marathon in March, it was time that running and I took a little break.  Until Saturday, I had not run a single step since March.  I had been training since November, I dealt with injuries(shin splints) and tons of niggles(hips and knees) and my body needed rest.  The first catalyst to not running was vacation.  I intended on not running until after I got back from vacation (in early April).  And that snowballed into not running for even longer.  And I’m totally ok with that.  I didn’t want to be running because I felt I had to.  It was important for me to get back to it because I wanted to.  I’ve taken time off for injuries before, but this is the first time I’ve taken off because my heart wasn’t in it.

This time has allowed me to explore new things.  It has allowed me to enjoy the beginning stages of my engagement.  It has allowed me to fall in love with yoga – something I think will really help my running.  It has allowed me to fall in love with other styles of workouts. It has allowed me to take time to do things right and get strong before a training cycle, not react to injuries in the middle of a training cycle.

I only ran a half mile total on Saturday(as part of a workout), but it felt GOOD.  I have a 5k next weekend (May 24th) that I’m excited to do…not because I have been running, but I hope it will reignite my passion for running.  That will kick off my next training cycle for the Crawlin Crab Shell Yeah Challenge (5k + 1/2 Marathon).  I have come into this training cycle with a fresh perspective and I’m very excited.

Have you ever broken up with running? How long did you take off (excluding breaks for injuries)?


10 thoughts on “Falling back in Love with Running

  1. I’m excited to hear how your 5k goes and how excited you are afterwards!!! Breaks are always good!!! Listening to yourself is the most important thing!! Yaaay for you! I’m glad you’re enjoying yoga and your engagement!! That’s great!

    • I get that! I don’t think you do things well (or benefit from it) if your heart is not in it. I think its great to take breaks and focus on what you really love and what brings you joy.

  2. Sometimes I take breaks, whenever I feel fed up with running, and I view it as an obligation more than a fun activity. I used to go to the gym a lot, and I pushed myself even when I was burning out. As a result I just don’t go anymore, I don’t find it interesting anymore.

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