Back in Time: 2013 State Farm Earth Day 5k

This was one of my favorite races.  Why, you ask? Cause it’s my 5k PR!

It was a relatively cool morning for April.  I got there early to pick up my packet.  It was held in City Center (Newport News).  I parked in the parking garage, picked up my packet and went back to my car to kill time before the race.  Once it was close enough to the start I went to find the starting line.  I say “find” because it was hard to find.  It was such a small race.

Team Hoyt started off the race and everyone else just fell in after, no corrals.  The course is pretty easy, mostly straight aways, but there are a few turns here and there.  I felt really good, no urges to walk or slow down the pace.  I kept close eye on my watch because I really wanted to get under 33 min.  This was pre-Garmin Lauren, so I had to do mental math based on my starting time.

Most of the race was a blur, just kept trying to pick off people and catch up to them.  I was rounding the last bend with less than a half mile to go and I knew I had to pick up the pace a little.  I pretended like everyone was cheering for me specifically (hey, you gotta do what you gotta do).  I was able to have a strong finish and finished in 32:42.  I didn’t know my actual time till hours later, but I just knew it was a PR.

This was a very well organized race with great swag.  For such a small race, the medals and shirt were major quality.  They had to post pone this race to the fall this year, and I hope I can do it.  I guess they’ll have to rename it because it won’t be Earth Day!


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