Weekly Update – 4/28


I almost didn’t go to yoga.  It was rainy and cold and I did NOT want to go back outside.  However, I dragged my lazy butt off the couch and went and I’m so glad I did.  This class is a challenge for me, I feel like I have to do the easy modifications for everything – BUT – it is so good for me.  I really love the time set aside to relax and focus on my body.


Danny night. He had to cancel on me, which was ok, because I was going out for my sister’s 12th birthday with my family!


I felt guilty for not going to the gym even when Danny cancelled on me.  I had my bag with me at work to go straight to the gym.  I had some stuff come up at the end of the day at work and I ended up working late; therefore, no gym.


Danny night.  If ever there was a day I hated him, this was the day.

Did my normal warm-up of foam rolling, stretching, hamstring walks, squats, lunges, yoga push-ups and wall sits.

First Round (x2):

1. 10 quarter squats with 30 lb dumbbell

2. 10 half squats with 30 lb dumbbell

3. 10 a** to the grass squats with 30 lb dumbbell

4. 10 single leg squats each side (no weight)

5. 10 deep squats (no weight)

2nd Round (2x):

1. 20 deadlifts with 20 lb barbell

2. 12 single leg hamstring curls



Looked at our dream venue and loved it!!! And we found a date that coordinated with our dream photographer.


Ugh – am I the only one that hates getting up on Saturday to work out? I did my normal warm-up, which was brutal since Thursday was so hard.  I was SO sore.  I walked in and Danny decided to mess with me and tell me we were doing legs.  I told him I would punch him in the face.  The other trainers got a kick out of that.

We did 4 sets of the following:
1. 20 crossover rows with cables
2. 10 push-ups on bosu ball
3. 10 crossover rope pulls

I went to my stepmom’s house and helped her with the preparations for my stepsister’s 12th birthday party.  Then Michael and I had dinner with his parents.


We went to church then had lunch with friends at No Frill Grill.  I was too beat to even mow the grass (which needs to be done so bad!), but I did manage to straighten up the office and file stuff away.

What workout makes you hate your trainer (or yourself) ? Did you do anything fun this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update – 4/28

  1. I’m glad this week went well. That stinks though about having to work out. I began looking at Saturdays as any other day and it seemed to be more motivating. When I work on Saturdays, it is the same time as week days so it’s honestly not usually feeling like a weekend to begin with.

    • I know! I usually try not to do workouts with my trainer on the weekend, I like to reserve that for “me” time. I’ll swim, run, etc, but oh well.
      That is a good mental trick – I’ll have to remember that.

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