Back in Time: 2013 Bon Secours Colon Cancer 5k

Bon Secours Group Photo

Group shot! I’m on the far left.

I loved this small race!  There were less than 500 participants and it was so close to my neighborhood.  Kudos for it being for a good cause!  It didn’t hurt that I got a free entry either…

Any way, I was using this as a tune up race for a 5k I had later on in the month.  I hadn’t run a 5k in awhile and I wanted to see what I should set my goal for.  It was a good race, mostly through a residential neighborhood except for one thing: the race crossed a major road! They had to stop traffic to let runners through, which meant that you had to WAIT until they stopped traffic.

But I digress.  Anyway, I was wearing a shirt for my work and struck up a conversation with a guy who’s girlfriend works for my company.  I later found out they had only been dating a week and he came to run with her.  How awesome is that?!?!  He was a former marine and we had a little friendly competition to see who could out kick each other.  He won – only cause he had longer legs than me!

It was great to have a buddy for the race, and he pushed me to a PR (though I have no record of the time now!)

What is even MORE awesome is that my buddy Kyle got 2nd place.  He’s second in from the right on the picture above.  He didn’t really train – he’s just an incredible athlete.  As a side note, I believe he was in the top 60 men in Shamrock 8k 2013!

I was sad not to be able to do this race in 2014, as I was on vacation, but there is always next year!

7 thoughts on “Back in Time: 2013 Bon Secours Colon Cancer 5k

  1. I love races with a purpose and cancer based races always will hold a special place in my heart. You’ll get to run that event again the future I’m sure

  2. Glad you had a great race- so sorry they had to stop the race to stop and wait on traffic though, that kinda stinks! Maybe they can reroute the course somehow so that they won’t have to do that in the future? Also I think colon cancer is a great cause for a race, you don’t see a ton of races for that disease and it’s really important to get the word out.

    • The only way they could reroute the course is to start it and end it in the neighborhood – and the hospital that puts it on is across the street. Its unfortunate, I know, but that’s the way they do it! It is a fantastic cause. Any race that raise money or awareness for an illness is incredible, but some are less known and supported than others. Colon cancer is definitely one of those!

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