Weekly Update

This was the first full week of being on a food log.  Danny has me using My Fitness Pal.  Its pretty easy to use.  I know I don’t eat the best I should, but I hope I’m not doing too abysmal!


Finally! Back to yoga class! We spent the last four weeks (I was on vacation and missed 2 weeks) working on balance, now we have transitioned into some strength movements.  My hamstrings were on fire from doing yardwork this past weekend, so it seemed like everything we did hurt them.  I had some discomfort in my left ankle while holding Warrior 2 pose, so I’ll need to pay attention to that.  Words cannot describe how much I’m coming to love this class 🙂



Danny night.  Basically, welcome to torture! 🙂 We did a 3-2-1 workout (3 min, 2 min, 1 min) two times, paying close attention to form over speed.

Exercises for 3 minutes:

1st minute: High pulls to goblet squats (20 lb kettlebell)

2nd minute: Kettlebell swings stepping forward, backward, and each side (15 lb kettlebell)

3rd minute: Bent over rows with opposite leg lifted (10 lb kettlebell)

Exercises for 2 minutes:

1st minute: Side step lunges (:30 sec each side)

2nd minute: Plank with hip dips w/feet on bosu ball (till failure)

Exercise for 1 minute (:20 sec each):

:20 sec plank with arms on exercise ball

:20 exercise ball between feet 6 in off the ground

:20 crunches while holding exercise ball between feet



Rest day, aka boyfriend day. Way more sore than I should be from yesterday, but that’s what happens when you don’t exercise during vacation!



Danny night.  Today was “see how much we can kill Lauren’s arms” day.


90 sec jump rope, 5 yoga push ups on a bosu ball

60 sec jump rope, 5 yoga push ups on a bosu ball

30 sec jump rope, 5 yoga push ups on a bosu ball


1st set: Stair run w/12 lb ball over head, 10 kettlebell deadlifts (10 lbs), 5 ball slams (12 lbs)

2nd set: Stair run w/14 lb ball over head, 10 kettlebell deadlifts (15 lbs), 5 ball slams (14 lbs)

3rd set: Stair run w/16 lb ball over head, 10 kettlebell deadlifts (15 lbs), 5 ball slams (16 lbs)



My poor arms are sore.  That’s what I get for not working out on vacation!  Went for a nice walk today during lunch, though it was a bit cold. Got to spend time with the boyfriend.



Because of Easter being this week, we had worship team practice for church on Saturday AM. I’m not a fan, because I like to sleep in on Saturdays….my ONLY day to sleep in!  Because my birthday is on Monday, my momma took me out for lunch and some shopping. But Saturday was a MUCH bigger day than I expected because I got ENGAGED! I also got to celebrate my birthday with my mom and stepdad!


Easter Sunday! I got to share the news with my church family and my pastor greatly blessed us by praying over us.  We celebrated my birthday with my dad and stepmom (and engagement) and it was a such a beautiful day filled with family!


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