Weekend Surprise – Engaged!

I couldn’t think of a clever way to say this, but I’m engaged, ya’ll!

After seeing several of my favorite bloggers get engaged recently – I NEVER thought I’d be among them (at least not any time soon!!!) Check out these exciting posts by Hollie and Caitlin.

I was so beyond surprised! I had been shopping most of the afternoon on Saturday with my mom.  Michael was texting me and asking when I’d be back so that we could spend some time together before family dinner.  We were going to be having dinner with my mom and stepdad to celebrate my birthday (April 21st).

I wasn’t really in the shopping mood anyway, so we cut the trip short so that I could spend some time with Michael.  I told him I really needed some “I” time, which is our way of saying “introvert” time.  We sat on the couch just playing on our phones, relaxing a bit.  He was insisting that we leave for my mom’s house at around 5:30.  She wasn’t expecting us until 6pm, so I didn’t understand why he was rushing me.

He opened the car door for me, which isn’t entirely normal, but not unusual, so I didn’t think much of it.  He asked me to get his gum out of the glove compartment. What?!  So odd. When I opened it up, this is what I saw!

The ring!

The ring!

I couldn’t even comprehend what I was looking at.  He was so firm in wanting to wait a year to even think about marriage, that I was not even thinking about the possibility that he would propose.  I looked over at him (he was kneeling next to me), said “Are you serious?!” about 100 times.  I don’t even know what he said, but he said later that he said “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?”  Apparently I didn’t answer so he had to ask “Was that a yes?” I said yes and kissed him, and kept asking him if he was serious.  He got around into the driver’s seat so he could answer my million questions.  He kept asking me to look at the ring, but I was so focused on him and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was!

He had talked to my parents during the week prior and I had NO CLUE!  He is so sneaky.  In fact, he told me he was helping his dad fix a mower when he was actually driving up to Richmond to pick up my ring.

The ring is gorgeous, by the way.  Pictures do not do it justice.  It is a Tiffany’s Legacy cushion cut.  The large stone is just over a carat.  (I know nothing about rings, I had to ask all about it!) The ring is so perfect…Michael is so incredibly generous, I can’t even comprehend it.  I can’t stop looking at it.



So after talking and smiling in the car for about 20 minutes, we decided it was about time to get to my mom’s house.  She knew what he was up to, so she knew we’d be late.  We picked up some wine and champagne and arrived a little late 🙂

Mom wanted to snap a bunch of pictures, and this was one of my favorites 🙂 I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m wearing my Shamrock shirt!



We sent a million texts, made a million phone calls and had some FaceTime calls to all of our family and close friends.  I’m so blessed with the outpouring of love we received.

We had already planned to have dinner with my dad and stepmom on Sunday, and little did I know that Michael had arranged to have his parents meet us.  I’ll be writing a post about my birthday celebrations later…I wanted this post to just celebrate my engagement!

Michael's parents

Michael’s parents

Marriage is an exciting but serious endeavor.  I don’t take the commit we are going to make lightly. I have a lot to learn about what this commitment means, a lot to learn about becoming a team and enter into a partnership with the man I love.  I’m so excited to embark on this journey with him.

18 thoughts on “Weekend Surprise – Engaged!

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