Found my next race!

So I’ve been struggling with finding another race to do this spring.  There are an abundance of races around here, but I like race bling, and there weren’t a lot of races with medals.   I mean, if I’m gonna pay $30 for a 5k, some bling is nice! There were two races in May that I’ve been thinking about, but hadn’t made a decision yet.

THEN, lo and behold, one of the races I was contemplating added race bling!

My next race will be the Chickfila 5k.  They had a 10k option, but I want to redeem myself in the 10k, and I’m not ready for that yet.

I’m excited about this race.  Its local, I wanted to do it last year, but with my busy racing schedule, I couldn’t fit it in.  A 5k is a nice, easy fun race before I really get down to business training and rehabbing for my next 1/2.

Do you love race bling?



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