Lauren’s Lessons Learned

lessons learned

Here are my lesson’s learned from training for this half marathon.  I’m not 100% sure how I’m going to fix all of them yet, but I wanted to record them for posterity’s sake.

1. I need to do more core work.  My back and core hurt a lot.

2.  My hamstrings are still really tight…they need even MORE work.

3.  My feet and ankles need a lot more strengthening.

4.  This one is a biggie: I need to get away from my heel strike.

5. I don’t do any speedwork.  Need to fix that!

6. I need to increase mileage SLOWLY.

7. I cannot cheat on my workouts.  I will definitely pay for it later.

8. I need to improve my nutrition.

A lot of these flexibility/strengthening problems will slowly start to be corrected by continuing yoga and continued work with my trainer.  I am working on a plan to slowly increase mileage.  The rest still need a plan, but I’ll get there.

Have you ever had to step back and re-evaluate your training plan? What big changes did you make?

14 thoughts on “Lauren’s Lessons Learned

  1. I think this is wonderful – good on you! As with everything in life, it’s a case of trial and error and figuring out what works for you. I do this all the time as well with my training. I love keeping a detailed diary to notice patterns in my running, both good and bad. I honestly couldn’t even begin to list all the things I’ve changed over time already, and I don’t suspect that this pattern itself will change any time soon! Keep experimenting, and notice everything!

    • Thank you! I hope this blog will serve as a sort of “diary” for what does/does not work. Running has made me so very aware of my body, and has spilled over into other areas of my life. It’s funny how lessons learned in running can be applied to life and vice versa!

  2. Great post Lauren!!! And yesI have taken a step back to re-evaluate my running many times and will do so many more times I’m sure. The biggest changes I’ve made that have led to the biggest gains with my running is getting stretches, more mileage … slowly building it (which will go a long way in strengthening your core believe it or not), and improving my nutrition and fueling stratigies. If I were to give you advice going forward I would start with #1, #4, #5, and #8. Those will help you big time in making strides with your running 🙂 But I’m not worried I know you’ll get there!!!

  3. It’s so great you finished your half strong and are now evaluating what you can improve. That’s important and you will see many PRs in the future from this thought process! It’s great!

  4. Every race I’ve always done I’ve found something I’ve needed to work on. Honestly, I don’t think you need to work on speed work a lot right now. It will come with just running. There is a really good book called Mcmillans Training plan you might be interested in. Long story short it talks about for the first three years of running to improve in running…you just need to keep running. Building your base and staying consistent. I will say that is what I have done and it’s really worked well for me.

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