Weekly Update

The week of all weeks.  Shamrock.


Was supposed to go to yoga.  I ended up working late, got home and lost track of time, then showed up 15 minutes after it started.  FAIL.

So I foam rolled and stretched for a long time.  Ran into my trainer – helped demo a quad roll for his FIT 360 class that was working out nearby.

Rowed 1600 meters on the ergo meter: 400 slow, 200 fast, 200 slow. Took a small break, then 200 slow, 400 fast, 200 slow.

Foam rolled and stretched AGAIN, cause it just felt so good.

Came home and iced my shin.


Shin hurt pretty bad when I first woke up.  Motrin helps, but I’m worried that only masks the pain…I don’t think the anti-inflammatory meds are giving me that much relief.

Danny night. I made the mistake of telling him my shins hurt, so guess what we did? A lot of things to stretch my shins/calf muscles.  We also did some hip flexor and hamstring work.  I’m beginning to realize that I need to spend like 20/30 minutes stretching every single day.

He made me to a gait test; basically watched me walk without my shoes on.  Apparently I’m a major heel striker even when walking.  This has got to be remedied.  Add to the list of things I need to do on my training “reset.”


Rest day.  Last time to see the boyfriend before the craziness of the weekend.

Shins felt much better – but still some aching and pain.


Woke up with some tightness in my shins and calves.  Most likely DOMS(delayed onset muscle soreness) from my workout with Danny on Tuesday.  Shins felt better, mostly just achy.

Was supposed to work out with Danny but he had to cancel last minute.  Honestly, I was ok with that.  I foam rolled instead, and really got a chance to sit down, really think about packing for the race, and got to bed early.  Logistics on race day stress me out.


Shamrock Expo Day! Left work a bit early to grab dinner, head over to VA Beach, stop by the expo, and check into the hotel.

Had a dinner of grilled chicken and broccoli…. Yum! Packet pickup was easy and fast. Hotel was the perfect location. My stepmom and I got checked in and got our stuff together for Saturday’s 8k.


Shamrock 8k day! I’ll write a more detailed post later. Speed walking was a friend to my shin and I finished in 1:14:13. Not too bad for walking!


Shamrock Half-Marathon. THE DAY.  More details to come, but I finished under 3 hours!!! I’m so incredibly proud of myself and so incredibly SORE.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers this week!  No shin pain during my run! You all are so supportive and I love it 🙂


12 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. AWESOME JOB!!! What a star!! I love it- you did the 8k AND the half marathon! Wow, what an inspiration!! Great job on both and I’m happy you had a very successful weekend!! Xoxo!!!

  2. Well done for finishing the half marathon! 😀 Sounds like you had a bit of a journey there with all the shin pains… that’s just so frustrating, but it’s great that you are able to keep them in check. Incidentally, I stretch a little every day and absolutely love it! It’s been a routine for years now, and I’m sure it makes a difference to my running. However, that’s not really why I stretch as such; I love it because it makes me feel so balanced and mellow.

  3. Sweet!!! So happy for you rockstar!!! I’m really glad you had no shin pain and congrats on the the sub 2 hour half mary. Two events in two days = hall of fame quality and effort chica! Keep up the good work!!

        • I want to get a few more 5ks under my belt, but timing will be key. There is a 5k I love that is normally in April, but they had to postpone it until the fall this year. I’m thinking about an 8k at the end of May, or there is a event that has a 5k or 10k in May. I’m not much for racing in the summer months.

          • Sounds like a nice plan! And this Florida guy gets you 100% on the no summer racing. I’d melt if I attempted to race here in the summer haha lol! Racing usually ends for me mid June and doesn’t crank back up until late September and even then it can still be dreadfully hot in Florida.

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