Flailing Arms

Ok, so I don’t actually flail my arms when I run. (I just couldn’t think of a title)

But I do sometimes tense up and find my shoulders creeping up, and that tightness starts coming across my back.  I have to constantly remind myself of this picture and think about my form.

Running favs form

I wish I looked that pretty when I run!

I think part of it is reacting to the weight of the water bottle I’ve been carrying on my long runs.  I constantly feel like I need to support the weight of the water. I don’t really like carrying anything, but I love/need my water.  I’ve contemplated other ways of carrying my water, but I really don’t like hydration belts.  They get in the way of my bathroom breaks!

water bottle

This is my precious.

Do you tense up your arms when you run?  Do you carry water with you?


5 thoughts on “Flailing Arms

  1. Yes I do tend to tense up if I don’t pay attention especially in the middle miles of a run. The only time I take a water bottle along is on run of 10 miles or longer. When racing 13.1 or 26.2 I have water bottle because I prefer my hydration (Hammer) over what the aide stations provide. And for long races I have fluid support aka the fam to hand me new bottles. I’ve trained my body to go fluid-free for distances 10K or shorter. Boy! That was long winded sorry hahaha lol

    • I usually tense up at the end when I get tired. I tend to want water anything over a 10k, depending on the temp. I ran a race in the humidity of Labor Day weekend… I couldn’t get enough hydration! I appreciate the long winded explanation. I like learning from others!

      • Yes indeed!! Humidity can be brutal, it literally just takes your breath away! And just think we Floridians will start getting a heavy dose of it in the 3-4 week or so until late October, early November lol

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