Weekly Recap

I did not have the week I wanted to.

runner injury


I was supposed to do yoga.  Due to the snow/ice, my gym opted to close at 5pm.  I should have done more,  but I settled for less than a half hour of foam rolling and stretching.


Worked out with Danny.  Can’t remember the warmup we did.  The workout involved the TRX and ReACT trainer.  We repeated the following sequence 2x:

15 one-legged squats each side with TRX straps for support

15 crossover lunges each side with TRX straps for support

3 minutes on the ReACT trainer


Rest day.


Worked out with Danny again.   I honestly have no idea how to describe what we did.  Lots of stretching and a little bit of jump roping.


I had to work late – till 10pm on a big work project.


I should have worked out.  I’m very frustrated with my laziness, but there is nothing I can do about it now.


Last long run before Shamrock so it was a taper run.  I was supposed to do 6 miles.  I ended doing 4.5.  I’ve been getting shin splints recently, however there is NO rhyme and reason  to them.  I ended up walking most of the time.  Honestly, I only walked so much because I was so far from home base.

I’ve got to figure out what these shin splints are.  I’m not entirely convinced they are shin splints, but since that’s the general area of the pain, that’s what I’ve been chalking it up to.   I’m going to take a few weeks off of running after Shamrock.  I will probably end up going to the doctor (he formerly was a sports med doc) to make sure that is what it is.  If so, I’ve really learned my lesson about increasing my mileage too fast and cheating on my weekly runs.  Either way I’ve learned that lesson and will be correcting it.

Game plan for this week:

Yoga on Monday for sure.  Danny and I will be doing a lot of stretching on Tuesday and Thursday.  I want to stay off my legs and rest the shin splints, but I want to get some cardio in, so I’ll either take to the pool or get a little time in on the rowing machine.

The main goal for this week is to rest the shin splints so I’ll be ready for Shamrock.

Since I know I’m not even remotely where I want to be, I’ve decided to walk the 8k.  My ego is very frustrated with that decision, but I know its the right one.  Since TowneBank (my place of employment) is the sponsor of the 8k, there will be a lot of people walking it from work.  I’ll team up with them.

I made this decision so that I can be rested up enough for the half.

How has your week been? Did you meet your goals?


3 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Is it pain in both shins towards the center? Have you tried compression socks or sleeves? They are really good for relieving shin sprint (and calf pain). I would look into CEP compression sleeves if you haven’t!

    A week is a long time before your race. You might very well be ready (and I really hope so). Regardless, I think walking with you work would make it less stressful honestly. You’ll do fantastic at the half marathon and nothing will feel as good as to finish!

    • Mostly just my left leg, though I have a little discomfort in my right leg. The pain is not directly on my shin, its slightly to the inside of my leg, ranging from a 3 or so inches over my ankle to 3 inches below my knee.

      I’ve been wearing CEP compression sleeves while running for the last few weeks. Last week’s long run was fine during, but had some pain later in the week. I will start wearing them in the evenings to see if that helps…along with the rest of the RICE formula 🙂

      Thanks for the advice and confirmation that my decision will make me less stressed! I cannot WAIT to finish the half!

  2. No worries chica you’ll right the ship!!! Sorry about the shin splints ugh 😦 Have you tried compression sleeves and/or socks?? I second Hollie’s comment. You should give them a shot and CEP is a good brand. I use them for my longer based runs and interval workouts. Also I recommend heel/toe stretches before any run.

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