ReACT Trainer

Do you ever walk into the gym, see a new machine and think; “that looks cool!”? That’s what I thought about the ReACT Trainer. I made the horrible mistake of mentioning that thought to my trainer.

Last night he put me on the ReACT machine.  For those of you who haven’t seen this instrument of torture piece of machinery, it is a Rapid Eccentric Anaerobic Core and Strength Trainer.  It basically looks like a small treadmill.

react trainer React trainer 2

The goal is to keep your head, shoulders and chest level as the platform moves.  It really works your core and your legs.  My legs were burning after a minute on this thing.

To best describe the motion, its kind of like mogul skiing.  Its a strange sensation.

mogul skiing

Proven benefits of reACT include:

– Rapid increases in muscle mass, strength, and power compared to other training methods.

– Improved balance, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness.

– Improved core strength and stability.

– Injury prevention by improving the muscles ability to absorb force.

This machine is hard. Every muscle in my legs were screaming for relief! I’m surprised to report that I’m not very sore today, but it was definitely hard while I was doing it.

Have you ever tried a ReACT trainer? What new machinery have you tried recently?

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