Race Recap: ChistmasTown Dash 8k 2016

I’ve done this race before and really love it, but in recent years it has not made the cut on my racing schedule. I was really excited to do this one with Michael!

Packet Pick-up/Expo

Packet pickup for this race is offered at a variety of locations in Hampton Roads before the race. We opted to pick it up on Friday in Newport News, since its only about a 30 minute drive.  I tried on some shoes while we were there, but opted not to buy anything just yet.  I think I might go back to Saucony Guide.

Race Day Conditions/Attire

It was a cold day.  Temps were going to be in the high 30s, low 40s for race time.  I opted for long leggings, short sleeved shirt, long sleeved shirt, and a hat.  I wore a sweatshirt until the start.

Michael wore 3 layers up top and pants.  We need to get him so good technical fabrics for cold weather!


We went down toward the start about an hour before the race.  But it was cold and that ended up being a very bad idea. We froze before the start. The start line was chaos too.  The corrals were out of order…found out later that they were somewhat organized, but not in a way that was communicated well.


Race Time

Michael and I stuck with each other for the first 2 miles or so.  We alternated running and walking.  Once we got in the park, he started slowing down and told me to go on ahead.

My favorite part was in the park, around mile 2.5.  There is a bridge lined with Marines (the race supports Toys for Tots). I picked the right hand side of the bridge, and shook each one’s hand and thanked them for their service.  I got responses ranging from “Thank you for your support,” to “Semper Fi,” to “Oorah!”  It gets me emotional every time.

The course leaves the park around mile 3, and I kept alternating running and walking, using any downhills to my advantage. I kept looking for Michael during the loops and saw him a few times.

I finished in 1:23:19. I could have done significantly better if I ran the race on my own.  But it was more important to me to spend some time running with Michael and enjoying the course.

After Party

We were far too cold to stay afterward, and there wasn’t really an “afterparty” per se.  They just had some hot chocolate.  Definitely prefer J&A parties!


Overall Reactions

It was a very cold day, but it was a great time. I  love running through Busch Gardens.  Makes me want to go back for ChristmasTown for real!

Have you done any Christmas races yet? What was the most chaotic race start you’ve ever seen?

Weekly Update – 11/28/2016

Monday – Wednesday

Monday through Wednesday were crazy at work.  I have mentioned some of my frustrations before, but through the restructuring we’ve had, I have less help than I’ve had before.  Work that used to be handled by 3 other people is now falling on me.


After work on Thursday, we had dinner at my mom’s.  My grandmother was in town from PA and it was good to spend time with her.  Since my grandfather passed away this spring, its reminded me how important family is – especially those that live father away.


I worked from home so I could intercept a package I had delivered to the house instead of work.  I usually don’t mess that up, but I did for this item!

On Friday, we went up to Newport News to pickup our race packets for Christmastown 8k.  Pickup was at a running store, and I got tempted by all of the shoes.  I think I want to go back to Saucony Guides! Afterward, we went to a cute little diner for dinner.


On Saturday morning, I had to work for a little bit.  Afterward, we had a meeting with our builder! They are making some real progress!

After our meeting, we had lunch at JoJacks.  Then we went to the craft show at the high school and saw MomLOLZ. We got a few Christmas gifts for other people…and a few for ourselves!


Sunday was the Christmas town 8k at Busch Gardens – recap to come! After the race, we went straight to Cracker Barrel and inhaled our food so fast I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture!

We spent the rest of the day doing chores and watching movies on Netflix.

How was your week? How do you spend your days after races?


Weekly Update – 11/21/2016


I worked a little late on Monday and had some errands to run after work.  I also had to deal with my credit card information being stolen and cancelling my card and dealing with the fraudulent transactions.  I’m getting increasingly frustrated with criminals who steal people information and turn their worlds upside down. My husband’s card was just compromised a few weeks ago!


On Tuesday, the painter came back to finish painting our ceilings. After he finished up, I spent the rest of the night putting all our stuff back in the rooms.


On Wednesday, I came home and reorganized my entire closet. I didn’t get rid of nearly as many clothes as I should have, but it was a start!


Happy Thanksgiving!  We got to sleep in a bit, enjoy a very slow morning of coffee drinking, then headed down to Michael’s parents for the holiday.  The food was delicious, but the company was the best part! I have zero pictures of the day…that’s how much fun we were having.


I know a lot of people have off the day after Thanksgiving, I’m not one of them.  I’ve taken this day off the past few years, but I’m hoarding all my vacation for the week between Christmas and New Year’s! Its a pretty quiet day at work and I got a lot done.

After work, I went to Old Navy and hit up the 50% off sale.  I got some wonderful new clothes.  Guess I need to get rid of more in my closet…


On Saturday morning, I got up, got some laundry started, then got to Christmas decorating. In order to get the tree to fit in the living room, I have to move all the furniture.  So I cleaned as I went.


On Saturday afternoon, Michael and his brother and I went to a craft show in VA Beach.  We got some cool presents for our family.


On Sunday, we had church responsibilities, then went out to lunch with my mom, stepdad and grandmother (in town from PA).  It was really nice to see her.  We did some more chores around the house.  Still didn’t get the darn raking done…


Race Recap: Norfolk Harbor 5K 2016

This is only the 3rd year they’ve held the Norfolk Harbor race series in downtown Norfolk (formerly called Harbor Lights).  I did the half marathon 2 years ago, and the 5k last year.


Packet Pick-up/Expo

I opted for race-day pickup.  It was quick and efficient.  The shirts fit much better than the Wicked shirts from a few weeks ago!

Race Day Conditions/Attire

It was about 40 degrees at the start.  It was going to warm up to 70 during the day, but I knew that the wind would make me want long sleeves.

I opted for capris, a tank top, long sleeved shirt over, and my go-to hat.


Since I did race day pickup, I just stayed at the building until about 20 minutes before the start when I headed outside.  There was a lot of great people watching.

Race Time

I was in corral 3 of 5, and I positioned myself toward the back, because I knew I planned to mostly walk with a little bit of running mixed in.  We got off fairly quickly.  The first half was pretty uneventful, a little walking and running all mixed together.  I saw a runner fall on one of the areas with cobblestones.  She did a somersault! There was a volunteer right there that scooped her up and helped her out.  She seemed ok, probably just a little embarrassed.

Michael went to a Starbucks to sit while I ran.  I actually saw him sitting in there and I waved at him as a ran by!


The second half seemed to go pretty slow.  I thought I knew where we were in the city, but with all the turns, I was a bit turned around.  I saw where we were at mile 2 and couldn’t believe we had a whole mile to go.

I finished in 47:12 at 3:07 miles.  I guess I ran the tangents really well?

After Party

It was a beautiful day for an after party.  I got my beer and snacks and walked around a bit with Michael. We had some plans for the day, so we didn’t stay long, but it was a nice time.

Overall Reactions

Great weather for this race! I really enjoyed it! This is one of my favorites, and its part two of the Triple Jog challenge (Wicked was the first, and Surf N Santa is the last).

Have you every run a race that had cobblestones on the course? Do you think the course I ran was short, or is it possible that I just ran the tangents REALLY well?🙂


Weekly Update – 11/14/2016

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  We’ve had a lot of “life” going on lately, and I don’t have a lot of energy  or motivation to blog.  Plus, I’ve not really been doing any working out recently, so that’s frustrating, and making me not want to blog.

Monday – Tuesday

On Monday and Tuesday, I had meetings with a potential vendor at work.  They were presenting some comprehensive solutions for us, and we went through two very long days of demos!

Wednesday – Thursday

Nothing terribly exciting happened on Wednesday and Thursday. Blah.


We have a foundation!  It was a huge surprise that they’ve started on the foundation of our new house.  We knew they’d be starting the foundation work before the end of the year, but didn’t expect to se it so soon!


I’ll probably do a house update soon when we get a little more movement on it.


Saturday was the Norfolk Harbor 5k. This was previously called the Harbor Lights 5k.  More to come in a recap later this week!

After the race, I came home and did a little yard work before I jumped in the shower.  Hey…if I’m already sweaty…  We had a painter come to paint a few ceilings in our house that were damaged from the roof leak we had.  (Did I even tell you guys about that?! We had to get a new roof).

We took some stuff to the storage unit, did some cleaning out, laundry, etc.  It was a pretty darn productive day.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday – around 75 degrees.  In the afternoon a cold front started moving in, so we went to Red Robin for dinner, which was a nice treat to get out and have some nice warm soup!


It was a very cold morning on Sunday!

After church responsibilities on Sunday morning, we came home and took a nap.  I think Saturday wiped us out. We did our chores, then we watched the Eagles game, which turned out to be a disappointment.   Then we watched 60 Minutes like an old couple🙂

How was your week? How has the weather been?

Race Recap: Wicked 10k 2016

Sorry for the late posting!  The Wicked 10k is always a great time! Who doesn’t love a Halloween race?! I love J&A races and I love running out at the VA Beach Oceanfront. Its a familiar place to run for me.

Packet Pick-up/Expo

I opted for race day pickup because I’m lazy.  Pickup was pretty efficient, but the shirts were a disappointment.  I ordered the same size I normally do, and it was way too small.  Guess I won’t be wearing it!

Race Day Conditions/Attire

The race started at about 40 degrees, warming up to 50 degrees within a few hours.  I opted for a short sleeved shirt under a long sleeved shirt, and capris.  I wore a hat, because I’m in love with wearing them for races now.  No costume this year because I was lazy!


I hung out in the convention center post packet pickup and just relaxed.  I headed out about 20 minutes before the race start so I could get in my corral and look at all the costumes!

Race Time

I had planned on walking this race because I haven’t really been doing really ANY working out, let alone training for a race.

The first half of the race went pretty quickly, and I was able to stick to about 14 minute miles walking, which I was pretty proud of.  I really enjoyed getting to see all of the costumes on parts of the course that wrapped back around itself.

The last half of the race was a little rough. I was ready to be done.  I am not really a fan of the 10k distance at all.  I started getting a blister on my heel (sock seam in a bad place) and I slowed down considerably.

I wanted to finish on or around 1:40, so I ran a little bit during the last half mile.  I finished in 1:40:18.

After Party

To be honest, I didn’t even attend the after party. Michael and I had plans later in the day and we wanted to get out of there.  After it being so difficult to get beer afterward last year, I didn’t really mind skipping it!

Overall Reactions

Great weather and a great day.  I wish I had trained for it and run it, but I still had a ton of fun walking!

Did anyone run a Halloween run? How was it? Have you ever dressed up for a race?

Weekly Update – 10/17/2016

This past week started off pretty busy and stressful, then slowly morphed into a nice relaxing weekend.


On Monday I took my exam for the class I took last week.  I needed a 70% to pass, and I got a 80%! I was very nervous, but did well, and I’m very happy about it. I went into work for the rest of the day.

Tuesday – Thursday

On Tuesday, I left for a conference for work that was up in Philadelphia.  Its a very quick trip – drive up Tuesday, conference Wednesday and 1/2 day Thursday, then drive back Thursday afternoon. I always enjoy this conference, as it is for a vendor that I work very closely with.  I get to see other bankers from other institutions that I’ve gotten to know over the years.


I ended up taking a comp day on Friday.  I had worked a TON of overtime the past 2 weeks and needed a good day off.  We went up to Richmond and met Michael’s aunt for lunch.  That night, we went to see the Madea Halloween movie.  It was silly, but hilarious.


On Saturday, we had a really chill day.  We ran some errands and went to MacArthur mall and did some window shopping, and Christmas shopping idea generating!


We had church responsibilities on Sunday AM, then I came back and went to Old Navy to spend my super cash! I had been hoarding it and waiting until I could use it to do any fall clothes shopping.  I ended up with a few shirts and a vest.  I also got one for my mom, cause she’s been looking for a blue puffy vest forever.

How was your week? When was the last time you traveled for work?